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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the use of a substance, which at full strength would cause symptoms similar to those currently being experienced by the patient, to treat those self-same symptoms. 'Let like be cured by like.'

Homeopathic medicines go through a process to both dilute away any toxic nature that they may have at full strength and at the same time, increase their energetic curative properties.

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathic remedies are not just diluted substances. Remedies are potentized, a process that allows an increase in the energetic profile of their molecules and the transference of this energy into the water carrier they are suspended in. It is this transferred energy that interacts with the patient's body energy and implements the cure. The process of dilution and potentiation in remedy production has caused skepticism among western medical practitioners. Without a method of scientifically explaining how a remedy works, mainstream medicine has dismissed homeopathy as a valid science.

However, recent developments in quantum mechanics, quantum physics and quantum biology have produced new models that can provide principles to explain the workings of homeopathic remedies and may allow its acceptance by those previously skeptic.

History of Homeopathy

Recordings of homeopathic treatments are found in ancient Egypt and Greece. The development of modern homeopathic principles and practice are due to the work in the 1700 and 1800's by Dr. Hahnemann in Germany.

For many years, homeopathy and allopathy (a.k.a. western medicine) co-existed in harmony, with homeopathic hospitals scattered through out the world including North America. As the science supporting western medicine gained prominence, the inability of homeopathy to scientifically prove its workings, caused it to become discredited by some and fall out of favor with physicians. With development in our understanding of natural laws progressing, and the concurrent flaws in some medical treatments, homeopathy is regaining its reputation as a viable treatment option.
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

The Process

The homeopathic process involves taking a complete history and physical exam. Once the problems of concern are identified, they are researched and the homeopathic remedies for each individual symptom are found. These remedies are correlated and then a short list of remedies that most completely match (and therefore treat) these symptoms, is created.

Based on the physician's understanding of the patient, and the matching remedies, the first remedy is chosen. The first remedy may be the only one needed or it may cause a change in the patient's symptomolgy, necessitating a re-evalution of the case and the determination of a new remedy - and so the layers of the disease process are gradually peeled away and a cure is affected.

The Fees

The veterinary/patient interaction may seem minimal, time wise, but the involvement with follow up conversations with clients and further remedy generation can be quite extensive. Because of this, the charges are highly individualized and reflect the amount of time Dr Harrison spends in conversation and research.
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