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Chiropractic Care

The present practice of Veterinary Chiropractic is attributed to the work in the 1980's of Dr. Sharon Willoughby, a veterinarian and human chiropractor, who used her knowledge of veterinary anatomy to refine the practice of veterinary chiropractic to the current standards.

There are 5 schools of Veterinary Chiropractic training:
  • One in Canada
  • One in Europe
  • Three in the United States

These schools provide training only to veterinarians and human chiropractors.

Veterinary chiropractic practice in animals does not use any large movements or twist of the patients body. The animal patient is in a standing, sitting or lying position, and the small rapidly applied 'push' or 'knudge' (adjustment) is directed towards the joint space affected.

Chiropractic Care
The rapid shallow pressure gaps the joint space slightly and allows it to become free of its 'stuck position' and slide back into a normal range of motion. The adjustments are done using parts of the chiropractor's hands and while gentle and at low force, are very effective as they are precisely placed to allow maximum effect on the joint that is 'stuck.'

Chiropractic care is an effective tool in maintaining peak performance in canine and equine athletes. Chronic degenerative changes such as arthritis and spondylosis benefit from regular chiropractic care to control pain and increase their mobility. Surprisingly easy to do on our feline friends too!
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