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Flower essences use similar principles to homeopathy and as such, are designed to restore balance to the energy fields of the body.

There are multiple systems of flower essences available throughout the world. The Bach Flower Essence system is the first modern system and was developed by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, in 1931. Dr. Bach, like Dr. Hahnemann (homeopathy) believed that disease is a disturbance in the energy flow of the body. (which is similar to TCM theory)

The energy disturbance affects the state of mind of the patient, producing negative emotions such as fear, worry and anxiety.  These negative emotions further deplete the body leaving it open to infection and illness.

Bach believed that healthy states of mind could be restored by flower essences and in turn, the restoration of mental health would affect physical health positively. The Bach Flower remedies consist of 27 individual remedies and one combined remedy - Rescue Remedy.  
Bach Flowers and Pets

Bach Flowers, though developed for use in humans, have proved very effective in helping our animal companions deal with the stressors of living with their human friends. Bach Flowers are combined together (up to 5 may be used at one time) in a customized treatment for your pet.
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